As I continue on this, my earthly pilgrimage, I shall constantly sing my "Pilgrim's Paean" to the Lord, my Beloved. This sweet song of praise will never cease. It shall continue even after my journey on earth has come to an end and I am home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My new place

Hi, my name is theperkypilgrim! You can learn more about me at! My new blog is entitled "The Perky Pilgrim." Pax vobiscum, y'all! :) See you at my new place.

So long!!

No, I'm not entering. But I am switching to A link will be posted soon. The name is changing too. Because no one knows Gaelic, I am just switching paean (which means "song of praise") to praise. "The Pilgrim's Praise." You like? Link will follow! Oh! And follow two other blogs: and

Two great, holy people. The first blog belongs to my lovely youth director, Sarah Beth Barnett. Amazing gal! Fr.Jeff is great, too!!

Monday, March 5, 2012

My Home

I visited a few weeks ago, but that does not suffice. I want to always be there. How could I want to be anywhere else? My home is in a different place, a different land. It just reminds me that earth is only a world of suffering and tears; we wait for heaven. We are exiled. But soon we will die with the Exile, and rise with the King.

O Christ! You were an exile in Your earthly kingdom. Let us share in your exodus.

Exodus leads to the land of milk and honey. Exodus leads us home.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"Another Blog Post Will Do."

Once again, I have neglected the blog. I need to stop doing that.

Let's talk since it's been SO LONG. BUT FIRST

this video.

It makes me smile everytime.

Now onto a more popular video.


Some truths, but even worse lies.

This comes from Make a Friar.

I like the latter.

We'll talk later. Seems like everytime I get to writing, I never get to post. I'll post this, but I'll be back later today. I have a lot to say, readers. EWWW.... I smell the stench of heresy. Time to go fight it off with Marian Febreze.

Pax tecum fratres. :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Wonderful Quote I Found

“How beautiful our vocation is, my dear sister!

We are together with our Savior, redeemer of souls.

We’re hosts in which Jesus dwells, living, praying and suffering for a sinful world. Was not this the life of the Most Holy Virgin, the most perfect of all created beings?

She carried the Word in silence.

She prayed and suffered always.

Wasn’t this life of prayer and sacrifice the one that Jesus lived for 30 years?

He spent but three years in preaching.

Isn’t this the life of Jesus in the Tabernacle?

Oh, sister dear, it is undoubtable that we’ve chosen the better part, since a Carmelite deals with God alone.

Ask Him to bring you very soon. Come then, and lose yourself in His divine arms. Come quickly that Jesus may find another host to offer to His eternal Father for souls. May nothing make you waver. Look at Him.

He’s awaiting you and is filled with infinite love and will make you His bride. He wants to forge with you the most intimate union.

He will make you divine, by joining Himself to you.

You will live in Jesus amid infinite sweetness, purity, holiness, goodness, amid the love of One who is God.”

- St. Teresa de los Andes (L.130)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boxes and Simplicity

All of us remember those magical Christmas mornings....

We got the EXACT thing we wanted and everyone is at peace and all happy-dappy. Then the short-lived joy of that gift fades away and the box enters stage right. Yes---the box. That box that is TEN-TIMES MORE FUN than the gift that was hidden inside. The box can constitute as a fortress, a robot friend, a castle fit for the finest queen, and more. Even though it was such a simple and humble object it proved to be more fun than that expensive gift.

Memories from a simpler time. Seems like this doesn't apply these days. But that is farther from the truth than any relativist philosopher can go. We find beauty and joy in these little things. But let's take this scenario and make an analogy.

God. He's the little child. St.Therese is the box. I'm the forgotten toy. God finds such delight in this box. He still loves that toy (that only feels forgotten. It's just not ready to play.), but he finds so much more fun in that little, old box BECAUSE of its littleness. So we should all strive to be little like St.Therese. If we make excuses for our sins then we will never be ready to play.

Well, that's my post for now. More to come. Thank you Mrs.Mott for letting me use her iPad to post this!!!!!! Blessings you guys. :) follow me on twitter by the way. (@pilgrimspaean) also, follow my friends blog on tumblr (A Priest Life) sorry, no link. Bye!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Advent Reflection

Advent Wreath. A symbol of Christ being a light in the
Many things are happening this month. Advent is the one WE ALL KNOW (hopefully). This post will be devoted to reflecting on Advent (obvious title). Another one that some of you might not know: preparation for total consecration to Jesus through Mary on the feast of Mary, Queen of Apostles (Jan. 1st, 2012). A group of devout, Catholic friends and I decided to do this together to unite ourselves to our Holy Mother. I might discuss the need for devotion to Our Blessed Lady in a later post.

Our Lady, Queen of Poland holding the
Infant Jesus
As we approach the Birth of Our Lord, we tend to leave Advent in the dust. It is forgotten and its beauty is lost. Let's toss the hot potato around and point fingers for a moment. Our culture. It is constantly filled with impatience, fast foos, fast cars, fast diets, fast fixes, fast... EVERYTHING. We hear this a lot, but we can't emphasize it enough. If we do not learn how to have patience we'll never be able to have pure silence, stillness, and solitude. Without those gifts we can never grasp and fully experience Advent. We have to MAKE TIME for prayer. It should be supplemented by spiritual reading, meditation, and contemplation. It MUST be regular or else we will not keep it up.

In this time of Advent we are instructed to "prepare the way of the Lord" and "make straight His paths." When I read or hear this I see it in the scope of the Passion of Our Lord. Like a flower girl in a wedding, we toss flowers upon the path which Christ will walk while we, imitating Him, carry our own cross and suffer our own passion.

Christmastide is a time for rejoicing; Advent is a time of preparation, mortification, and waiting. We look to the example of John the Baptizer who yelled out from the wilderness, directing all to "prepare the way."

John the Baptizer
But this should not just be reserved for Advent. No, no, no. Each day of our lives should be an Advent. Advent is not only a season to decorate our trees and deck those halls (unless you're in Fort Worth); it is there to remind us that "no one knows about that day or hour," when our Lord will come again. Advent should be for us a moment of intensification of our prayers and practices and preparation. John prepared the way for the Infant Lord; we prepare the way for the Risen and Glorified Christ who reigns as king over sin and death.

For all our lives let us cry from the desert of solitude, contemplation, mortification, and hope like that great prophet and martyr. Let us echo his shouts. Let us exclaim for all to hear,"Prepare the way of the Lord."

An, oh so adorable, image of Jesus
and His cousin, John. AWWWW

Friday, December 9, 2011

Inner Preparations and Total Consecrations...

I will start with the latter. Today marks the eighth day of my preparation for total consecration to Our Lady. Please pray for me as I continue. I tried previously to make my consecration, but failed. I gave up. It was SO hard. This time I know what I'm getting into. I'm not doing it alone. I'll be joined by a group of devout Catholics. I might expound on this topic more later.

What I really need to talk about is an issue that is troubling me SO MUCH.

Before I started my discernment I didn't take it seriously at all. I told so many people, but thankfully not everyone and their mother. As time passed many people just forgot about it and began to think it was a "stage." Some of those who I did tell were close to me; so they were kept up to date on my searching.

When I received my first inkling that Lafayette was my home I told only a few people. One or two others did find out somehow. One of those few began to tell everyone I was becoming a nun. This has continued since then.

I have a desire to keep my discernment personal, intimate, private; but this person is telling people I don't even know (and have laughed in my face) of my vocation. It is hurting me so much because I have TOLD this friend multiple times to end this. They never gave me any sort of confirmation that they would stop.

I discussed this with another friend of mine who helped me realize how this is preparing me for my vocation. Carmelites are called to suffer for the sake of the world. They see a cross without a corpus; this cross is presented to them as the cross of their passion that they are to be crucified upon. We have to embrace (joyfully....) this cross and follow the Shepherd who has already prepared this way for us. This definitely woke me up and made me truly thankful.

It showed me how FAITHFUL the Divine Spouse is. He really fulfills His promises. I ask for patience; oh, does He give it to me. Humility? "You got it." Maybe I should stop asking.... Ha-ha

Anyway, because I don't want to be influenced by others as I draw closer and closer to the time where I'll make my decision, I'll keep telling that person to shush; but Lord, for now grant me patience. I AM SO LACKING....

(A reflection on Advent is coming soon...)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Long-Awaited Retreat Post

YES, finally, after all this time, I am posting on my retreat. I'll start now before I forget.

I stayed in their apartment that is called "Bethany." It was so very homey and it became my own personal hermitage. Upon my arrival, the externs shared their UTMOST excitement that I was making my stay finally.

I would love to give you every detail, but all I can share is one major moment.

Kneeling at the altar rail, I was awaiting the start of Vespers. I was, in that silence, attempting to honor our Lord in distracted adoration. Then I found myself deep in contemplation. I thought, "My Beloved, I don't need to know where you've called me. All I need is you. I just want you." I began to understand my statement. This is each person's vocation: to love our Lord. Then it hit me. Wherever God is calling me, there he waits. Where does he wait for me? The sisters began to process in. (I could see it through the communion window.) My heart filled up with joy and love. "My God, if I am to be your bride, a Carmelite, I am all yours. GRANT ME THE GRACE TO FULFILL MY VOCATION. You wait for me in the silence, in the solitude, in community. I am yours, my Love." The sweet sounds of their angelic melodies supplemented my prayer and my soul was lifted to the grand heights. I was overlooking the world. I could see all these people I loved, but I wasn't a part of them. I was just watching, only passing by. An assurance took hold of me. "I am home. Carmel is my home."

After this, I have a feeling that Carmel is my home.

Now, every day since I left, I have felt like a pilgrim, just traveling and waiting to arrive home. Please pray that I may soon, in his time, come home. Now, even the house I reside in, is only temporary. I know that I am only preparing for my heavenly spouse.


P.S.- Sr.Mary John saw my blog. hahah she LOVES it. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


I do know that many of the pictures that used to illustrate my posts have been replaced with a strange question mark. The reason is, and will forever remain, unknown. Most of these images are on my phone and I'll try transferring them to the blog, but it will take a while. For this I apologize. I also apologize for my failure to post for so long. School and Core Team have kept me busy, and I can't seem to catch free time to write a blog post. For this also I am sorry (this is beginning to sound like a confession... haha!). Now to update and discuss issues.

My live-in at Lafayette Carmel is in FOUR DAYS. I will arrive at the monastery promptly at 3:30 PM. From there I will visit with Sr.Mary John, and then go into Vespers. For three days and two nights I will live as if I was in formation with the postulants and novices. Then, with much sadness, I will depart from my home at 4:30 after Vespers.

I'm very excited obviously; but not crazy, freak excited. Much peace and joy fill my being. I think I feel some sort of.... assurance about it. Fr. Long said that this is a really good sign. I'm going to talk to Mother Regina hopefully and get some information about the application process. I'll be staying in their retreat house, Bethany House. I'm extremely nervous!! But it kind of feels natural in a weird way. Like a step I need to take. (i.e.- high school or CCD)

I haven't begun to pack because I'm staying at my grandmother's house tonight, but I will soon. Two days after my live-in I'm going to be on a bus to Indianapolis, IN!! For.... *drumroll!!* .... NCYC!! I'm a bit wary about its reputation for some liturgical abuse within the mass, but I've heard it has fostered MANY vocations. My Carmelites won't be there, because they observe papal enclosure. That little tid-bit makes me SO happy!! I love my sisters!!

If you check out the Lafayette Carmel's site ( you'll see that they made some recent, rare updates. One of those being a story about the two novices. I will quote it here:
Difficulties and a Death in the Family
Do Not Deter Our Two New Novices

"Daddy, go back"

Our two new novices. Sweetheart roses surround the Sacred Heart
Brittlyn (Sr. Teresa), at left and Kalyn (Sr. Faustina) rejoicing in the gift of Our Lady's habit.
Kalyn Meche met us when she was about ten years old. Her family was driving by the Monastery when she saw one of our extern Sisters in the yard. "Daddy, go back. I'd like to talk to that Sister!" From then on, there was a desire and love for Carmel that never left her. She kept in contact with us, made days of recollection at the Monastery, received encouragement and advice from her spiritual director, etc. After going through many trials and difficulties, Kalyn entered the Monastery on October 1, 2010 at the age of 18.
Her first months were not easy but she remained firm in her determination to be a Carmelite. On September 30, 2011 Kalyn received the Habit of Our Lady and became Sister Maria Faustina of Merciful Love. The date was significant for her in that it is the date of St. Therese's death and the birthday of Mother Theresa Margaret, our Foundress. Sister has always had a great devotion to St. Faustina and St. Therese. She loves their spirit of total abandonment and trust and endeavors to incorporate these childlike virtues in her own life. Her desire of many, many years has been fulfilled. "All I want now is to be a true Carmelite and a loving Bride of Jesus."

Dying Mother's Blessing

Brittlyn Sonnier, likewise 18 when she entered, came to know of us through one of the weekend Veritas Retreats. She had struggled against a vocation for a few months, but after the retreat and coming to see us, she knew that Jesus was calling her to Carmel. When asked what she expected to find in Carmel, her reply was: "I really don't know. All I know is that Jesus wants me there." The date of her entrance was set for October 15, 2010.
Brittlyn's mother was dying of cancer and her concern was whether or not she should enter as planned or would it be better to stay and help her father care for the other four younger children. Being a family of deep faith, her father told her to go to Carmel if she felt God calling her. Her brothers and twin sisters also encouraged her. She then asked her Mother, whom she was caring for in the hospital. True to her conviction of Brittlyn's vocation, Monique gave her eldest daughter her blessing and encouraged her in her desire to give herself entirely to Our Lord.
This is indeed the niche God has chosen for her. She has imbibed the spirit of Our Holy Mother from the start and has her deep spirit of prayer and generosity. On October 15, 2011 Brittlyn received the Habit and became Sister Teresa of Jesus.

WOW! These girls are saints. It's not just them. One of the late sisters, Sr.Marie of the Incarnation (her story also on the site in the "My Story" tab), had such a saintly death that I cannot even COMMENT on. You must read it for yourself.

It only shows the love and faith that these Brides of Christ possess, and how much I still have left to learn and to grow.

I will begin packing tomorrow. When I get back I'll try to make a post. No promises!! I might be left speechless.

Pax Christi!

St.Edith Stein,
Ora pro nobis!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greatest News :)

I am proud to say I am now an aspirant with the Lafayette Carmel. Praise to you, O Lord Jesus Christ :)